What makes an anime great? Well, the answers may vary but what made this anime great was : Fresh story-line, unique characters, amazing soundtrack and a keeping you on the edge of your seat plot. The anime begins when a bored Light Yagami sees a black notebook fall off a window and then by chance picks it up. All hell breaks loose after that. As  I have mentioned this is not a review blog so I’ll mainly focus on what blew me away in Death Note. First of all the soundtrack! It fits perfectly, the opening themes ,especially The World will get you in the mood for this psychological drama the instrumental pieces are also worthy of being mentioned , pieces like Koduko or Low of Solipsism suit the theme of the show pretty well. I personally belong to  team Light and will probably get loads of hate for that. I know I know L should not have died, his character is lovable despite his goofiness but Light is beyond spectacular, his every move is well planned and he almost wins, his death was much needed so as to restore faith amongst  people that good prevails over evil in the end. We cannot just make him the villain, he started off with good intentions after all and just got lost in the way okay, I do not support murderers(Just Saying). The best thing about Death Note is that one would always want to know what Light does next and sometimes I found myself sadistically rooting for him to be caught in a jam just for the sheer joy to see how he gets out of this one.Also, despite how scary he looked, Ryuk was one hell of a comic relief in this stark anime, sometimes I forgot that he was a shinigami and they are supposed to be pretty scary but how can you be scared of a supernatural being who just wants apple and has only one request that is: To have the pleasure of killing of the owner of his deathnote (chill guy,pretty cool huh?). I hated Misa Amane for she was very VERY dense at times but she helped Light as much as she could  and I understand why so I cannot possibly blame her. I also felt very bad for Rem poor guy wanted to do everything he could for his beloved Misa. The thing about Death Note is that apart from the main characters it has pretty interesting characters in Team Kira we have Teru Murakami who from a fan became a fanatical supporter of Kira eventually playing a huge role in his death. Kiyomi Takada gave Misa Amane intense competition as Kira’s love interest later on to be used as a pawn in the chess game between Light and L. Near and Mello were interesting in their own ways and played a huge end in extermination of Kira. Also, Light’s father was a pretty stand up guy , he was torn between his duty and his love for his son, poor guy but he died relieved believing that his son was not Kira.

All in all what I want to say is that this anime made me start watching anime again and had to be the first to be discussed. Leave your opinions too. Have a great day!