Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

Don’t you just want to start singing Guren No Yumiya? This is one of the best opening songs  I have come across. Today I want to talk about a character I fell in love with even before starting the anime : Levi Heichou. I had read so much about Attack on Titan due to Instagram, Facebook posts that I had to watch it and I  was hooked from the first episode which eventually had me missing my classes. Anyways, I knew that levi was awesome and was waiting for him to make an appearance and when he finally does in Episode 4 impassive as ever I fangirled so hard it is unbelievable and a little embarrassing too. His short stature doesn’t bother me one bit and I love his undercut and Hiroshi kamiya ( Levi’s japanese voice actor) has done an amazing job (His voice is just perfect, calm but sassy and displays his annoyance pretty well). Also, he appears to be very young and I still cannot believe that he is over 30!.


He properly makes an appearance in episode 9 and kills two Titans swiftly in the most badass way possible and tells a titan to stand straight otherwise he won’t get a clean cut ( ah! typical Levi). He appears calm, collected and in control of the situation but he is also emotional as can be seen when a comrade dies in episode 9 itself and he comforts him. Levi cares about his comrades, no doubt which is why he single-handedly tries to manage everything.


He knows when to act tough as is evident by the bomb-ass way he beats Eren during the trial ( that scene made many people ship Ereri, idk why) that beating was necessary as without it, The Survey Corps had no chance of getting the custody of Eren but I think he could’ve been a little easy on him but I think that is neutralised when he asks Eren if he hates our very own Heichou ( which makes Ereri shippers scream everytime ). The best thing about Levi is that he is sassy but he cares so much that it breaks your heart.You almost want to hug him in episode 22 as the poor boy is unable to express how devastated he is after losing his Elite squad and the last dialogue with Petra’s father can make the manliest of men cry (there goes my kokoro) . He also tried to comfort Eren in his own way by telling him that death of the squad members wasn’t his fault. He also saves Eren in the most epic fight in the entire season (Female titan aka Annie v Levi) and lectures Mikasa to not lose sight of the main goal i.e save Eren and he understands Mikasa’s concern and hurts his ankle because of her but never says a word to her.


One of things I like about Levi is that even though he might not agree with Erwin he follows his every order without any hint of defiance which can be seen when Erwin orders him to refuel his 3D Maneuver Gear and he does it though doesn’t see the need for it, also Levi defends Erwin and says the most sassy things like ” Is your head as empty as the hollow gun Barrel?” (Ep 25 I believe) . He has placed his full trust in Erwin and will probably serve him till the end , this kind of devotion can be seen in Riza Hawkeye from the Fullmetal series also. The difference between their devotion is that somewhere I  believe that Levi still blames Erwin for what happened to Farlan and Isabel and it is difficult to be so loyal to someone who you believe is the reason behind you losing what meant the most to you. That is why Levi’s loyalty is very precious. After watching  A Choice With  No Regrets my love for Levi increased manifold and my need to reassure him and just hug him and give him a warm cup of tea possessed me for a while.


How did this slip my mind : Levi’s fetish for cleanliness. It is a little hilarious but he is crazy about keeping things clean , be it cutting off a titan or cleaning an old base. Even after saving Eren from Annie his words were ” He is safe, filthy but alright” (Something only Levi can think of). It is kinda cute that someone as badass as Levi is a sucker for cleaning. His fetish is heightened in AoT Junior High and it is freaking hilarious.

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Anyways all I wanted to say was that I love Levi and I am sure that the Whole Attack on Titan fandom shares the  same sentiment. That’s all for now. Have a great day and leave your comments  below.