So yesterday I binge watched this amazing anime that EVERYONE has been talking about : ERASED.  The show starts with a rather bored Satoru Fujinuma going about his job as a pizza delivery boy and suddenly goes a little back in time and we are made aware of this ability he possesses :REVIVAL. This ability allows him to go 1-5 min back in time to avoid as possible danger. Later on, as the plot thickens he goes way back in time (18 years!) to change the course of events on a bigger level. Btw, I love younger Satoru, he is so cute and the way he admonishes himself (Get a grip you are 29!) and the way he says what he is thinking without realizing ( so cute).


One of the best things about this anime is that you like every character from Satoru’s really observant, very helpful, caring , yokai mother to the cheerful, cute Airi ( I ship the Satoru x Airi). From the past I loved Kayo, Kenya and all the kids actually including Misato later on as she became really lonely and surprisingly raised funds for Satoru’s treatment. Apart from Kayo’s mother I didn’t feel like hating anyone.


Yashiro sensei was always on my radar but after he helped save Kayo, my suspicions started fading away. But I never hated Yashiro even when he left Satoru to drown but I guess he saved him also though that is not expressly show in the Anime. Wish the anime would’ve delved further into why Yashiro did whatever he did, was it just for the thrill of it? (then I am a little disappointed) . Also, I kind of understand as to why Yashiro couldn’t kill Satoru as Satoru was the only witness of Yashiro’s mastermind, his real self, Yashiro was probably thrilled to see Satoru up and about.


Kayo, Airi and Sachiko: the prominent women in Satoru’s life.


Sachiko is an amazing mother, she gives Satoru space and lets him do what he wants and is always behind him, supporting him. She is observant and very sharp and I just loved her.The way she takes care of him for 15 years is just amazing. Glad that Satoru was able to save her.


Airi always believed in Satoru and I think she had a crush on him. She goes to see him when he is injured in the first episode as well. After his mother’s death, Airi was the only person who had faith in him and tried to help as much as she could even to the extent of risking her life. I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw her in the last scene (aww).


Kayo Hinazuki, is a lonely 10 year old and we start feeling bad for her from the very beginning. Poor girl has suffered way too much and deserves happiness.She is cute and evidently touched by Satoru’s kindness and makes a cute pair of gloves for him as a pair birthday and is finally able to give it when the Second time Satoru goes back in time. She owes too much to Satoru and I am so happy to see her well settled, married and a mom ! when she goes to meet Satoru after 15 years. This shows how much she cared about him.


I found himself rooting for Satoru from the very beginning. I always wanted him to fix everything without realizing the burden he was put under. Poor guy, entrusted with the responsibility of  going back in time and saving everyone and changing everything, must have been too much. That is what makes him a hero! The will to change everything, the belief he had in himself and other, his perseverance. It is actually pretty difficult to find flaws in him. All these unique things make others also regard him as a hero, as is said by Kenya and Hiromi later on.


Well if you haven’t seen ERASED you are missing out on a lot in life. Have a great day and leave your comments below.