A few months ago I decided to gave this anime a try and I don’t regret it one bit.The story begins with the viewers getting to know about Arima Kousei : The musical prodigy who is unable to hear his own music following his Mother’s death. I started feeling bad for him from the beginning. Anyways the story progresses and he meets Kaori Miyazono, a beautiful 14 year old violinist who is the blind date of Arima’s friend Watari. Their first meeting leaves a pretty violent image of Kaori in Arima’s head. We can see that Kaori likes to play as she pleases and wants to leave an everlasting impression on her listeners. This is something which she staunchly believes in , she wants to be herself, take risks and that whole style is reflected in her music as well which draws flak from the judges but much love from the listeners.


She asks Kousei to be her accompanist and that’s how their journey starts. She forces him to push harder and though they play completely out of sync, she never takes it out on him which helps to increase his confidence and will to play.

Proceeding assuming that the reader knows the story (SPOILER ALERT).

This anime broke my heart but not in a despairing way but in a way that if God cannot be everywhere he sends angels. Kaori definitely came as an angel in Kousei’s Life. Every episode in that anime made me see so many different perceptions regarding the sense of love and loss. In the beginning I hated Kousei’s mother but in the Episode where he plays “Love’s Sorrow” and we get to see why was she so hard on him (Oh! my heart).  The fact that Watari was always a player but in the end he harboured feelings for Kaouri or how much Tsubaki loved Kousei everything moved me.


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This wonder boy has to bear a lot. From his mother’s death to his difficulty in coping with psychological trauma leading to loss in hearing regarding his own music. I always had a lump in my throat while watching him struggling. Kaori comes to his life like a ray of light and he finally has something to hold on, someone he cherishes more than anything.(What won’t I do to get Kaori back).  He loves her so much that it hurts.This human metronome is too good to be true. Soft spoken, caring , mature and never wishes ill for anyone. He was the reason so many other people started playing piano in the first place (i.e Takeshi and Emi)and practiced as hard as they could so as to be at par with Arima Kousei.  It is great to see some happiness in his life which is brought by Kaori, his friendship towards Watari always held him back but I wish he had confessed to her .The moment when he plays the piano in the end and uses it as a means to plead Kaori to not leave had me bawling, no one should go through so much suffering that too at such a young age. Good that he takes up his music seriously again and tries to pursue it professionally.


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This woman is an angel incarnate. She admired Kousei from the age of five and loved him forever. She decided to give to him what he gave to her : the will to play. She loved him all along but never told him because she did not want to disrupt the dynamics of Kousei’s group or disrupt his life anymore. She harboured the love and used it to help him rise again. Poor girl, only wanted everyone to remember and especially Kousei. She wanted to make a difference and made a huge one in Kousei’s life at least. She left a letter for him which told her how much he meant to her and her hope that he doesn’t  forget her.

That letter also disclosed the lie she told in april :”I like Watari”. NO dammit she loved Kousei, loved him all along and that was the lie which broke my heart into a million pieces and it still hurts when i think about it.


It’s 3am and I am crying oh! the feels.Listen to the OST of this anime and leave your comments below!.