Whos is the hottest butler in town? Sebas Chan!. Now if you haven’t seen Black Butler I am not judging you but you are missing some major things in life : How to have a cool demon butler by your side is one of them.


Now to briefly tell the story, this teenage kid Ciel Phantomhive has lost everything due to some people and wishes to take revenge so he signs a Faustian Contract with a demon so as to help him take revenge and literally forsakes his soul for that.And no Sebastian is not Black literally  (they are referring to the demonic side of him).This kid is also btw the Queen’s Watchdog(the show is set in victorian era Britain) and Sebastian helps him with work assigned by the Queen also causing them to cross paths with danger every now and then.


Now, as the title of this post suggests I am going to bore you all by talking about one of my many crushes – Sebastian Michaelis, the hot demon butler bent on serving his master, taking revenge on behalf of his master and devouring his soul ( Ah! Typical master-servant relationship).Now sebby is just perfect, he will wake up up, make tea for you each day with a different flavour, pamper you with some amazing desserts , do all the gardening, cooking, cleaning and also kill or seriously injure whoever gets a littler closer to Bocchan.

Sebastian is a great detective as well, he will get the required info either by scaring you to death or by seducing you. There is no way you won’t succumb ( A hot butler seducing me would cause me to have several nosebleeds).He has crazy observation skills and always analyzes the situation beforehand. The greatest thing about him is that he is fiercely loyal to Ciel, though he is a demon with no moral compass but neither does he lie, nor does he betray ever. He is better than most humans and is constantly amused and disappointed by humans and their behaviour, regarding them as weak and vulnerable creatures. He is actually very impressed by Ciel and regards his soul as pure.

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Also, I totally understand Grell!. Grell Suttcliffe is a shinigami who eventually has a crush on Sebastian and does everything he can to get his attention and is very possessive of Sebas Chan( as can be seen when Sebastian seduced Beast and that Woman in church). Unfortunately, Sebastian has eyes only for cats to the extent that he literally was on the verge of eaten by a tiger once for which he took the blame saying that it was his imprudent behaviour which angered the Lady (awww). He absolutely adores cats and hates dogs with a vehemence ( as can be seen whenever the Demon hound pluto comes near him.) Also he is voiced by the same voice actor who has voiced Erwin Smith (Daisuke Ono) so he has one of the  hottest voices which makes him irresistible.

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Okay I m done , I guess. There are other interesting characters as well, Mey-Rin( the maid who nosebleeds a lot), the hot chef Baldroy, Finny the cute gardener, Tanaka the previous head butler,The Indian prince Agni and his Butler Soma, also the main character-Ciel. Give it a try, you will have fun for sure. Atlast i would like to say ” A Phantomhive Butler’s fan who cannot dedicate one blog post to him isn’t worth her salt”



Goodnight guys, have a great day ahead!