If you don’t know the term “El Psy Congroo” , then I would like to give you a huge SPOILER ALERT before you read further.

So, yesterday I downloaded and binge watched Steins; Gate, dubbed as one of the best Anime of all times. It seems too complicated which caused me to quit watching it twice before ,but I had to finish it off. The story deals with a scientist Okabe Rintaro or Hyohin Kyouma and his friends as the male protagonist does experiments and plays with the Time- Space dimension.


As we all know that no experiments in the field of Time, Time Machines can ever result in a happy ending, we see our mad scientist going berserk when faced with the calamity in the form of result of his experiments The crux is that he has to do Time-Leap multiple times to save his friend Mayushi from dying but he keeps failing and has to see her die over and over again. If that wasn’t enough, he has to choose whom to save his childhood friend Mayushi or his ever helpful tsundere assistant Makise Kurisu who he falls in love with.

Now one of the best things about this anime is :Character Development. We see Okabe changing from carefree, blunt, eccentric scientist to a caring, worried, loving friend. When the weight of what he has done dawns upon him, his whole demeanour  changes.You want to hug him and give him a pat on the back for his relentless perseverance because of which he could save Mayushi and later on Kurisu. Kurisu opening up little by little, Daru working seriously in the end, Mayushii trying to stay cheerful everything is well timed.

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Also,this anime is a little difficult to watch because you don’t understand what is happening, how everything is connected to the first episode, what the fuck is a gel nana but patience my friend, patience is the key to success. Around episode 12 shit starts to unravel. You don’t even know whom to hate and who to blame. I didn’t particularly hate Moeka or Mr. Braun but was very very shocked at the revelation of FB’s identity. I really liked Kurisu but why and when Okabe fell in love with her, i have no clue. But I did ship them, also Daru’s perverted lines are hilarious “Can you say it again that the black hole is getting tighter”. The biggest shock was John Titor’s identity along with Barrel Titor’s. I loved Suzuha and her determination and love for her father.


This anime has its share of sad scenes like when Okabe hugs Mayushii at her Grandmother’s grave, or when he hugs her after the accident or when he confesses to Kurisu and she disappears after distracting him with a Dk Pepper bottle or when Faris tan or Ryuka have to give up their dreams. It is pretty sad although I didn’t find any need for ep 25 because ep 24 leaves you with a  pang of sadness at Kurisu and Okabe’s unfinished love story (I  am a sucker for tragedy).


Well this a great anime, makes the concept of time travel, multiverse theory easy to understand, makes you look up John Titor and actually believe in Time Travel and impending dystopia. Character development is amazing, plot twists leave you shocked. Ep 1 connects with Ep 24 and you feel relieved. Give it a try and have patience, there is a reason why people love it, you will get it too.

Share your thoughts below and tell me what do you think of it.