I know, I know this is supposed to be an anime only blog but I had to explain my absence. The reason I didn’t write anything because I was busy reading Harry Potter and finished all the books in the past week,  the reason is that one of my nerdy friends begged me to read it and I cannot refuse her and her puppy eyes, love her too much you see. Now, let’s talk about the man I have been obsessed with: Snape, Severus Snape. Now the books begin with the readers having mixed feelings about Snape, like how he tries to jinx Harry during his first Quidditch match and later on we find out he was saving him and the reader is as shocked as Harry because it is very easy to perceive Snape as evil. Later on, I as a reader start liking Snape, him being a member of the order , teaching Harry occlumency etc. In the sixth book all hell breaks loose as he kills Dumbledore and then the reader truly starts to hate him. But OH MY GOD if you didn’t cry when Snape’s backstory is revealed, you are heartless and need to read the books again.

Alan Rickman has done a wonderful job, his accent, the deliberate pauses, his voice is all droolworthy and you can sense the bitterness in every action of Snape’s. I loved Alan Rickman’s portrayal, adds much more depth to the character. I can listen to Snape talking all day ” Don’t ..lie..to…me”, “Ob..vio..usly”,  “It may have escaped your notice Potter but life isn’t fair” (Oh! stop it you)


Now,the Unrequited Love. Snape loved Lily since forever,poor guy wanted her to be in slytherin too, she was the only light in his otherwise dark and dreary life. What happens next? He loses her to the guy who bullied him and don’t start with James Potter was just having fun, no, he was torturing a defenseless guy who did nothing to him at that time, as Harry Saw in the pensieve. The word -ALWAYS carries guilt, sadness and an eternity of repentance with it. It carries the fact that the one thing Snape wanted the most was taken away from him, first by James Potter and then due to his own fault and you can literally sense the despair when he pleads Dumbledore to save her, Snape loved Lily so much that he almost dedicated his life to save her child, the child who was a constant reminder of a family he couldn’t ever have. I have a fair idea of what Snape would’ve seen in the mirror of Erised and if that doesn’t want to set yourself on fire I don’t know what will.


Snape was the bravest man in the whole series, he had to be in Voldemort’s army and that was a constant danger to his life, he had to be unreadable, impenetrable because that’s the only way to save Harry which he always did , from replacing the sword of Gryffindor to guiding him with his Patronus and what not. Mind you, he was the one who was shocked to hear that Dumbledore was raising Harry like a pig to slaughter while he gave up his life protecting him, helping him and looking over him. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. People always say he did it for Lily, but did he get something out of it ?Apart from being hated by everyone , being called a coward and dying a lonely death with no one shedding a tear for him ( Oh! god I am crying now). Yes he got Remus fired and was  a bully to Neville, things I disapprove of but he was always bitter and that bitterness cannot overshadow his heroic actions.He is the reason why Harry made it this far, Snape’s loyalty to Dumbledore never wavered, he even asked Phineas Nigellus to not call Hermione mudblood because he carried the guilt of calling Lily the same throughout, he protected Draco, he did everything he could to not hurt anyone when the death eaters were after the Order and accidently hurt George which I am sure he must have regretted. Sirius constantly taunted him but Sirius was loved by all, James was regarded a hero and Snape? Snape was forgotten.As Dumbledore once said ” We sort too soon”, he was right, Snape was the bravest man we ever knew, he was a true Gryffindor. How can people question Harry naming his child after Snape, Snape literally lived to protect Harry and if any man in this world has loved a woman more than Snape has loved Lily then that guy is my hero because Snape surely is and will be, ALWAYS.agVZOEn_700b

That’s all for now, i’ll write one more post about Neville and then will go back to writing about anime and I have to have to write about the two beautiful movies I saw, Perfect Blue and 5 cms per second. Goodnight guys,leave your comments below.