Hey guys, well it has been  very hectic month with exams and everything just sort of piled up. I really wanted to talk about this amazing movie by Satoshi Kon – Perfect Blue.

So, this isn’t your Studio Ghibli sense of wonder kind of movie nor does it have breathtaking art style of 5cm per second or Garden of Words. This is  a movie which keeps you thinking about it for days probably months.


So, the movie starts with the protagonist Mima retiring from being a pop star and taking up a job as an actress in a thriller movie. All is well until she starts getting hate mails or when her agent gets almost killed due to  fan mail You can dismiss these as works of a crazy fan but what happens when she stumbles across a website called ” Mima’s Room” in which there is a diary like feature which describes her day to day activities with surprising accuracy, something as trivial as she puts her right foot down while getting on a train is mentioned in there too. A series of bizarre events later, Mima starts losing her sense of reality and starts thinking she is the one behind all the events and is at times unable to differentiate between the plot of the Movie she is working in and if it actually happened.

Satoshi Kon uses two things at his disposal: First he uses the plot of the Movie in which Mima is acting in to explain to the audience the plot of Perfect Blue which may or may not be the actual plot, also he uses inception i.e. a dream sequence to keep the audience at edge with regards to whether it actually happened or not. Now this movie came way back in 1997 and has been used as a frame of reference in many mainstream movies, some of scenes  of Perfect Blue have featured in the Black Swan, Requiem For A dream etc.


This movie apart from its narration and bizarre way of storytelling also refers to the travails faced by actors in the Film Industry, also how obsessive behaviour has its own perils.It has mature content so viewrs discetion is advised and also Me-mania, the creepy stalker guy is very very very creepy so alot of people have advised the viewer to not watch it at night but it didn’t think it was that scary as it a Mad House prodution and Mad House is known to make creepy villains.

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It was difficult to talk about this movie without giving any spoilers that’s why I have kept the length of this post short.I would suggest whoever reads to this go and watch Perfect Blue it is a short film, only and hour and twenty minutes you will have the time of your life, I promise. Also the climax will throw you off your seat in shock and awe. Trust me, give this movie a try and tell me your opinion asap. That’s all for now, do watch Perfect Blue . Link for the trailer is givn below: