I know, I haven’t posted in an eternity. I was so caught up in college, internships, my normal crushing workload that I couldn’t find time or energy to write. Today I realized that oops! I have this blog. So I am going to talk about a Makoto Shinkai movie where the Characters do meet each other in the end, unlike 5 cm per second or Garden of Words.

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Kimi no na wa starts on a  funny note, wherein Taki and Mitsuha think that they are dreaming and that dream involves them being genderbent until they realize that they are actually switching bodies!! They try to help each other as Mitsuha ties to sort Taki’s love life and Taki makes Mitsuha popular in school. They also leave each other notes!(cuteness overload)


Satoshi being Satoshi brings out a series off twists and turns wherein they eventually forget each other but are left with some sort of emptiness and are constantly searching for something or someone.

The scenes wherein Mitsuha and Taki keep reminding themselves to not forget the other person’s name are so touching. Also, when Mitsuha opens her palm only to find the words “I Love You” (heart= broken).


Till the end, the viewer much like the characters is frustrated and desperately wants them to meet and as Satoshi fans know, that you should always watch till the end, we get retributed in the end when Taki says “Um,…” . The ending is perfect because you know your heart isn’t broken like in 5 cms per second and they actually meet and are happy.The fact that they both were searching for someone is also beautiful, because Satoshi can be cruel. Imagine Taki saying “Um, Haven’t we met before and Mitsuha being ” I am sorry I don’t think so.” All in all it as a great movie with amazing visuals, as usual and  an even more amazing soundtrack by Radwimps (escpecially Nandemoniya).

That’s all for today guys, will try yto be more regular. Have a great day everyone 😀